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Permit Status

EPA ID # SCD003351699
RCRA Part B Permit for treatment and storage; effective 10/30/1992; renewed 4/11/2005; expires 5/25/2015
Title V Operating Permit which includes all applicable MACT
requirements; issued 2/11/2003; expires 3/31/2008; timely renewal application submitted March 2007 - pending approval

GRR-Harleyville is located adjacent to Giant Cement on 60 acres of a 1700-acre site north of the town of Harleyville, SC. GRR processes both liquid and solid hazardous and non-hazardous materials into waste-derived fuel. The fuel is then burned by Giant Cement in the production of Portland cement in its rotary kiln. Giant is also able to feed certain liquid waste fuels direct-feed from a tanker to the kiln.

GRR-Harleyvile has the distinction of operating the most successful cement kiln in recycling alternate fuels since the program started under BIF in 1992. It is one of only two cement plants in the US that is permitted to store and utilize bulk solid hazardous waste fuels. In 2005, the facility completed a $130 million expansion which furthered its ability to efficiently and effectively handle these materials.

Examples of wastes that are suitable for GRR’s resource recovery program include solvents, waste oil, and coolants, as well as shredded and crushable solids. GRR can receive materials in tankers, roll-offs, end dumps, and rail cars.


Giant Cement and Giant Resource Recovery's $130 Million Modernization Project Completed

Preheater-Precalciner Tower rises 300 ft. into the air.

Giant Cement Company has completed a 2-year, $130,000,000 modernization project at its Harleyville, South Carolina, facility. The new, state-of-the-art plant was officially commissioned on June 13, 2005. Following many years of planning and 900,000 construction man-hours, the facility is proud to be one of the most modern, technologically advanced cement plants in the United States.

Giant's mission is to produce top quality cement in an environmentally friendly, responsible, and safe manner. The goal of the modernization project was to increase cement and clinker production by 25% and to reduce overall plant emissions, thus improving the quality of both Giant's products and of the environment. Four wet-process kilns have been replaced by a dry preheater-precalciner kiln with a production capacity of 3,500 tons per day. Giant also installed a 2,300-hp Vertical Raw Mill and a 6,000-hp Finish Mill.

Further, in order to build a foundation for the successful future of Giant and its employees, the company committed $1.5 million to an extensive training program. This program prepared employees for the job opportunities available in the operation of the new facility. Giant's employees are now some of the best trained in the industry.

As part of the modernization project, over $2 million was invested in GRR-Harleyville to enhance the processing and feed system for liquid and solid BTU-bearing wastes. These wastes are blended by GRR and burned as fuel by Giant Cement. A new, state-of-the-art chemistry laboratory was installed to test and monitor the fuels.

For more than 25 years, Giant Resource Recovery has served customers with environmentally safe and beneficial use of their unwanted industrial wastes as fuel in the cement kilns at Giant Cement, Harleyville, SC, and Keystone Cement, Bath, PA; and in the lightweight aggregate kilns in Arvonia, VA. GRR-Attalla in Attalla, AL; GRR-Sumter in Sumter, SC; and GRR Aerosols in Arvonia, VA, offer a broad range of additional waste processing and recycling services. Throughout Giant's 2-year expansion project, all of the GRR facilities provided continuous, uninterrupted service to their customers.

The processing and burning of alternative fuels by Giant and GRR conserves our nation's precious non-renewable energy sources by annually replacing 160,000 tons of coal. The Giant-affiliated kilns recycle 22% of all alternative fuels utilized in cement and aggregate kilns nationwide. As the processor and supplier of these fuels, GRR has long been recognized as a proven leader in the industry.

Waste Acceptance Guidelines


  • Examples

    Filter Cakes, Paint Solids, Refinery Wastes, Carbon, Resins, PPE, Rags, Debris, Consumer Products

  • Specifications

    Heat Content – > 5,000 BTU/lb. (2,000-5,000 BTU may be accepted on a case-by-case basis)
    Chlorides - ≤ 5%(<5% may be accepted on a case by case basis)
    PCB’s – < 40 ppm
    Metals – Click Metals Guidelines
    <10% by volume gravel, rocks, stones, etc

    Examples of materials that are not suitable for the Solid Fuel Program include medical wastes, free liquids, wet sludges, construction debris (concrete, steel, etc.) lab packs, aerosol cans, nitrocellulose, and reactive, explosive, and radioactive materials, as well as other materials that may pose a processing problem.


  • Examples

    Solvents, Waste Oil, Coolants, Alcohols, Off-Spec Fuels

  • Specifications

    Heat Content – > 5,000 BTU/lb. (>2,000-5,000 BTU may be accepted on a case-by-case basis)
    Chlorides - ≤ 3% (<3% may be accepted on a case-by-case basis) PCB’s – < 40 ppm
    Metals – Click Metals Guidelines


  • Examples

    Fly Ash, Sand, Iron Oxide, High Calcium-Type Materials

  • Specifications

    Size - < 20" x 20" x 20"
    Sulfur - < 3%
    Free of debris such as wood, concrete, metal, tires, etc

Metals Guidelines

The guidelines below apply to all waste fuel materials. Materials that exceed these criteria may be accepted on a case-by-case basis and with prior notification if they can be blended to meet the guidelines, except as noted.

Arsenic (As)
Beryllium (Be)
Cadmium (Cd)
Chromium (Cr)
Lead (Pb)
Mercury (Hg)
Nickel (Ni)
Zinc (Zn)
750 ppm
40 ppm
440 ppm
7,500 ppm
2,900 ppm
10* ppm
25,000 ppm
90,000 ppm

*Until an upper limit for mercury is established, GRR asks that the generator manage his waste shipments to <10 ppm mercury. This is because the total mercury that GRR receives in waste shipments may vary daily which could affect the acceptance of a shipment.

Permitted Waste Codes

D001 F001 K014 K036
D018 F002 K015 K048
D035 F003 K016 K049
  F004 K017 K050
  F005 K018 K051
    K019 K052
    K020 K083
    K022 K086 *
    K023 K087
    K025 K156
    K026 K169
    K028 K170

Waste Approval Procedures

To obtain approval for a new waste stream, please submit the following prior to shipment:

  • Grr Material Profile Form and Addendum 1
  • South Carolina Air Toxic Survey Form
  • Benzene NESHAP Questionnaire
  • Credit Application - New Customers Only
    To obtain the above forms, click "Waste Approval Forms."
  • Representative Sample: Liquids - One quart. Solids - Five-gallon pail. All containers must be labeled with the generator's name, the name of the waste as identified on the Profile, and the date the sample was collected. The sample must be shipped in appropriate DOT-approved packaging.

The completed forms and sample should be sent to:

Approvals Department
482 Seven Mile Road
Harleyville, South Carolina 29488
Phone- (803) 496-2220
Fax - (803) 496-2228

For questions concerning approvals, please call Sales/Customer Service at (800) 786-0477

Below is the official information needed to complete manifests for materials approved into GRR-Harleyville:

Giant Cement Company
654 Judge Street
Harleyville, SC 29448
Phone: (803) 496-2200
US EPA ID No. SCD003351699

For assistance, call Sales/Customer Service at (800) 786-0477