Keystone Cement Co. Bath, PA

6507 Nor Bath Blvd, Bath, PA 18014, EE. UU.

Keystone Cement Company
Route 329, P.O. Box A
Bath, Pennsylvania 18014
Phone:  (610) 837-1881
Fax:      (610) 837-2313

Permit Status: EPA ID No. PAD002389559
RCRA Part B Permit for storage – Originally issued 12/27/1991; expires 7/9/2019
Title V Operating Permit Plan Approval 48-00003B – Title V Permit expired
5/14/15; renewal application submitted 2/2015; currently operating under
permit shield of Plan Approval 48-00003B pending renewal of permit
NPDES Permit No. PA 0011517 – Issued 10/9/02; expires 12/31/19
Permitted Storage Capacity: 93,000 gallons

Since 1976, Keystone has blended high-BTU liquid hazardous waste into fuel which is used as a supplement to coal in its cement manufacturing process.  Keystone was the first cement company in the United States to have an energy recovery program of this type.   After completing a three-year, $230-million modernization project in 2009, Keystone began operating one of the most modern cement manufacturing facilities in the United States.  The new facility has enabled Keystone to better serve the growing needs of its customers while at the same time reducing plant emissions.



Waste Acceptance Guidelines

Keystone Cement accepts hazardous waste liquids in bulk tankers only. The waste must meet the specifications below upon receipt.     

Heat Content
Total Halogens
Specific Gravity

Organic Peroxide
> 5000 BTU/lb.
< 3.0%
Not Present
2.0 - 12.5
0.6 -1.2 @ 60° F
< 7,000 cps @ 60° F
< 12,000 cps @ 35° F
Not Present
< 2%
Must pass compatibility test
       Mercury (Hg)
< 10 ppm
       Arsenic (As) + Beryllium (Be) + Chromium (Cr)
< 1,120 ppm combined
       Cadmium (Cd) + Lead (Pb)
< 3,500 ppm combined


Permitted Waste Codes

Primary Waste Codes:

D001 F001 K014 K036 U001 U115
D018 F002 K015 K048 U002 U117
 D035 F003 K016 K049 U004 U140
  F004 K017 K050 U009 U153
   F005 K018 K051 U012 U154  
    K019 K052 U019 U159  
    K020 K083 U031 U161  
    K022  K086* U051 U169  
    K023   U052 U171
    K025 K087 U055 U188
    K026 K156 U056 U194
    K028 K169 U057 U220
     K035 K170 U112  U239

* Solvent Washing Only


The following secondary waste codes are permitted when they are applicable due to the mixture or derived-from rule and are not substantial constituents of the waste:

D004 D014 D025 D036 U003 U162
D005 D015 D026 D037 U037 U165
D006 D016 D027 D038 U043 U196
D007 D017 D028 D039 U044 U210
D008 D019 D029 D040 U070 U211  
D009 D020 D030 D041 U077 U213  
D010 D021 D031 D042 U080 U226  
D011 D022 D032 D043 U118 U227  
D012 D023 D033   U121 U228
D013 D024 D034   U122 U359

Waste Approval Procedures

Each new bulk liquid waste stream must be approved by the GRR-Keystone Approvals Department and by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) prior to shipment. For assistance, call the Resource Recovery Department at (804) 895-0091 or your GRR sales representative.

Below is the official information needed to complete manifests for materials approved into GRR-Keystone:

Keystone Cement Company
Routes 329 & 512
Bath, PA 18014
Phone: (804) 895-0091
US EPA ID No. PAD002389559
Assistance, call Sales/Customer Service
Phone (804) 895-0091