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Giant Resource Recovery Aerosols (GRR-Aerosols)
1229 Valley Drive  
Attalla, Alabama 35954

Sales and Customer Service:

Phone - (800) 637-4023, Ext. 105
Fax - (256) 538-1836


Permit Status

EPA ID No. ALD070513767
RCRA Part B Permit for treatment and storage; originally issued 10/2/1995; renewed 9/29/2006;
expires 9/29/2016


GRR Aerosols offers the only system that disposes of waste aerosols by recycling 100% of the components. Our unique waste management process provides our customers with a positive, green image while minimizing the risks, burdens, and liabilities associated with the disposal of aerosols. We recycle both hazardous and non-hazardous aerosol waste in full compliance with all RCRA, EPA, and state regulations.

GRR Aerosols’ patented processor safely crushes metal aerosol containers and separates the liquid concentrates from the propellants. The liquids are recycled into waste fuel which is burned in the production of cement. The propellants are primarily burned as fuel in the on-site drum reconditioning facility. Closing the loop, the spray cans are reused in recycled metal products.

Aerosol products themselves are made from more than 25% recycled materials.The Consumer Aerosol Products Council, a respected non-profit organization that provides factual information about aerosol products, recognizes GRR Aerosols as a company that further enhances the environmental advantages of aerosol packaging by completely recycling both empty and non-empty aerosol containers. With a focus on sustainable packaging and practices and environmental sensitivity, GRR is a leader in aerosol safety and compliance.

Waste Acceptance Guidelines

Hazardous or non-hazardous wastes in aerosol cans and small metal or plastic containers.

EPA Waste Codes: Permitted Waste Codes

PCB's: No detectable amount

Unacceptable Materials: Asthmatic and CFC aerosol inhalers, adhesives, silicone gasket-maker products, isocyanates/expanding foam insulation products, zinc-based paints and undercoating products, D002 corrosives, D003 reactives, pepper spray, other aerosols not adequately characterized and approved by GRR Aerosols.

Permitted Waste Codes

D001 D021 D033 F001 U154
D004 D022 D034 F002
D005 D023 D035 F003
D006 D024 D036 F004
D007 D025 D037 F005
D008 D026 D038
D009 D027 D039
D010 D028 D040
D011 D029 D041
D018 D030 D042
D019 D032 D043

Waste Approval Procedures

To obtain approval for a new waste stream, please submit the following prior to shipment:

  1. GRR! Aerosols-Attalla Waste Profile
  2. Land Disposal Restriction Notification
  3. Benzene NESHAP Questionnaire
  4. Credit Application - New Customers Only
  5. Any available analytical, MSDS's, and health and safety information to facilitate quick approval
  6. To obtain the above forms, click "Waste Approval Forms"

Samples are not required for approval provided the waste is accurately characterized on the profile. However, if the waste material has characteristics that may cause processing problems (such as compatibility, high viscosity, etc.), a representative sample may be requested.

Please mail or fax completed profiles and other information to:

GRR Aerosols

1229 Valley Drive
Attalla, Alabama 35954
Phone : (800) 637-4023, Ext. 105
Fax: (256) 538-1836

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On the Go and Ready to Grow