Attalla, AL


Giant Resource Recovery - Attalla, Inc.
1229 Valley Drive

Attalla, AL 35954 

(800) 637-4023


(256) 538-1836  

Permit Status: EPA ID No. ALD070513767
RCRA Part B Permit for treatment and storage – Originally issued 10/2/1995; expires 8/28/2027
Air Permit Nos. 307-0019-X002 through 307-0019-X011 – Issued 2/1/2006; no expiration
NPDES Permit No. AL0054542 – Issued 4/1/2008; expires 5/31/2023
Permitted Capacity:
Container Storage – 2,112 55-gallon drums (or equivalent)
Bulk Storage and Treatment Tanks – 160,000 gallons
Process Treatment Tank – 1 unit
Total Storage and Treatment Tank Capacity – 344,000 gallons
GRR-Attalla processes wastes for final disposal, primarily to be burned as fuel. The facility manages hazardous and non-hazardous materials including liquids, sludges, and solids in bulk and in containers.  GRR-Attalla provides the essential link for many wastes that are not suitable for shipment directly to resource recovery kilns.  Blended fuels are shipped by rail and tanker truck to RCRA-permitted/interim status industrial furnaces such as cement kilns.  Any non-blendable hazardous solids are shipped to other permitted facilities for final disposal.  Non-hazardous solids are bulked and sent to permitted landfills.



Permitted Waste Codes

Approved waste codes for bulk liquid fuels and fuel blendable materials in drums:

D001 D021 D033 F001 K022 U002 U080 U162 U227
D004 D022 D034 F002 K083 U003 U088 U165 U228
D005 D023 D035 F003 K086 U008 U112 U169 U239
D006 D024 D036 F004   U009 U113 U171
D007 D025 D037 F005   U012 U117 U188
D008 D026 D038     U019 U118 U196
D009 D027 D039     U031 U121 U209
D010 D028 D040     U044 U122 U210
D011 D029 D041     U051 U140 U211
D018 D030 D042     U056 U154 U213
D019 D032 D043     U057 U159 U220
          U077 U161 U226

Approved waste codes for solids to be bulked and shipped to Giant Cement:

D001 D026 F001 K001 K048 U001 U050 U093 U126 U159 U201 U243
D002 D027 F002 K002 K049 U002 U051 U094 U127 U160 U202 U244
D005 D028 F003 K003 K050 U003 U052 U095 U128 U161 U203 U328
D005 D029 F004 K004 K052 U004 U053 U096 U129 U162 U205
D006 D030 F005 K005 K053 U005 U055 U097 U130 U164 U207
D007 D032 F006 K006 K060 U006 U056 U098 U131 U165 U208
D008 D033 F007 K007 K061 U007 U057 U099 U132 U166 U209
D009 D034 F008 K008 K062 U008 U068 U101 U133 U167 U210
D010 D035 F009 K009 K083 U009 U069 U102 U134 U168 U211
D011 D036 F010 K010 K084 U010 U071 U103 U136 U169 U212
D018 D037 F012 K011 K085 U011 U072 U105 U137 U170 U213
D019 D038 F011 K013 K086 U012 U073 U106 U138 U171 U214
D021 D039 F024 K014 K087 U014 U074 U107 U140 U172 U215
D022 D040 F032 K015 K093 U015 U075 U108 U141 U174 U216
D023 D041 F034 K016 K094 U016 U076 U109 U142 U179 U217
D024 D043 F035 K017 K095 U017 U077 U110 U143 U180 U218
D025   F037 K018 K096 U018 U078 U111 U144 U181 U219
    F038 K019 K100 U019 U079 U112 U145 U182 U220
    F039 K020 K101 U020 U080 U113 U146 U183 U221
      K021 K102 U021 U081 U114 U147 U184 U222
      K022 K103 U022 U082 U115 U148 U185 U223
      K023 K104 U023 U083 U116 U149 U186 U225
      K024 K105 U024 U084 U117 U150 U187 U226
      K025 K115 U025 U085 U118 U151 U188 U227
      K026 K141 U026 U086 U119 U152 U190 U228
      K027 K142 U027 U087 U120 U153 U191 U235
      K028 K143 U031 U088 U121 U154 U192 U236
      K029 K144 U039 U089 U122 U155 U193 U237
      K030 K145 U043 U090 U123 U156 U194 U238
      K035 K147 U044 U091 U124 U157 U196 U239
      K046 K148 U045 U092 U125 U158 U200 U240


Waste Approval Procedures

To obtain approval for a new waste stream, please submit the following prior to shipment:

  1. GRR-Attalla Waste Material Profile Form
  2. Benzene NESHAP Questionnaire
  3. Credit Application – New customers only
  4. TC Rule Certification Form – Non-hazardous only
  5. Any available analytical data, SDSs, and Product Record Sheets to substantiate and clarify accuracy and facilitate quick approval

Samples are not required for approval provided the waste is accurately characterized on the profile. However, if the waste material has characteristics that may cause processing problems (such as compatibility, viscosity, etc.), a one-quart representative sample should be submitted.

Completed profiles and other information should be mailed or faxed to:

1229 Valley Drive
Attalla, AL 35954
Phone: (256) 538-3800
Fax: (256) 538-1836