Giant Cement Holding, Inc.

Giant Resource Recovery, Inc.

A History of Resource Recovery and Energy Reutilization

Giant Cement Holding, Inc., (GCHI) manufactures high quality Portland cement through its subsidiaries Giant Cement Company in Harleyville, SC, and Keystone Cement Company in Bath, PA.  For almost forty years, the facilities have carefully blended and beneficially reused hazardous and non-hazardous wastes as supplemental fuel in their cement production processes.  Giant Resource Recovery, Inc. (GRR), a subsidiary of GCHI, is the environmental and waste management division responsible for the resource recovery and waste fuels programs.  GRR-Harleyville is co-located with Giant Cement while the resource recovery operation in Bath shares the Keystone name.

In 1998, GRR furthered its dedication to resource recovery through the addition of M&M Chemical and Equipment, a waste processing and container management facility located in Attalla, AL.  A year later, GRR acquired the Sumter, SC, waste management and solvent recovery operation previously known as Omni-Southeastern Chemical and Solvents.  As members of the Giant family, these facilities are now named GRR-Attalla and GRR-Sumter. 

GRR grew yet again in early 2002 with the opening of GRR Aerosols, Inc., in Arvonia, VA.  GRR Aerosols offers the unique capability of disposing of wastes in aerosol containers by recycling 100% of the components in an innovative closed-loop system.  GRR Aerosols expanded and relocated to Attalla, AL, in late 2007.  With increased capacity and a broadened list of acceptable hazardous waste codes, GRR Aerosols handles a greater volume and more types of aerosol wastes than any company in North America. 

Since its inception, GRR has developed significant proprietary technology to efficiently use solid industrial wastes as a reliable fuel source. The Harleyville facility completed an extensive $130 million expansion in 2005 which maximize the use of solid fuel.  The following year, Keystone unveiled a $230 million modernization project.  Complemented by GRR’s industry-leading ability to process waste into fuel, Giant Cement and Keystone Cement are two of the most advanced cement plants in the United States.

As its history shows, GRR actively seeks out new technologies and methods of resource recovery and energy reutilization.  By combining more than 130 years of experience with a demonstrated commitment to environmental stewardship, the GRR family of companies provides generators with an unparalled range of safe, reliable, and permanent waste management services.